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Cover: Head Over Heels

14Aug 12

Peperoni Ripieni

  This is one of my favourite dishes.   It is very simple,  healthy and that takes very little time to prepare. It is eaten throughout the year in Puglia and there are many variations depending on the the region, the town or the family. Everyone has their own idea which is  best! So I leave it up to you to experiment and decide. Pepper fans might also want to try out Chicken marinated in herbs and garlic with roasted red peppers. As always use the freshest ingredients you can find and a good quality extra virgin olive oil and you can’t go wrong. If you want to make it authentic go easy on the garlic.  Although Italians  use garlic in many dishes it is always used sparingly. In their view English cooks tend to over garlic everything. There should be just a slight touch that brings out the flavour of […]

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23Jul 12

Zucchine al pomodoro

  This is another simple summer dish. Once again the marriage of mint and courgettes gives this dish a slightly exotic, North African flavour,  so common in Pugliese cooking. The secret however  is in the quality of the olive oil.  ‘Supermarket own’ just won’t cut it, I’m afraid. If you are after a truly authentic Italian experience you will have to invest some time and money trying to source the best extra virgin olive oil you can find. The main olive oil producing regions are Puglia, Tuscany, Liguria and Sicily.  Each with it’s own unique character and flavour.  Therefore your choice will depend very much on your taste (a little like wine) however I think it goes without saying that I would recommend using good quality extra virgin olive oil from Puglia,  if you wish to create the real thing. This therefore may require a trip to a good Italian […]

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19Jul 12

Zucchine alla poverella

Print Zucchine alla poverella Author: Lucy Nicholls Recipe type: Antipasto, Side dish (contorno) Prep time:  5 mins Cook time:  15 mins Total time:  20 mins Serves: 4-6   A simple summer dish of fried courgettes which can be eaten as part of a selection of antipasti or as an accompaniment to a main dish of meat or fish Ingredients 800g Courgettes Fresh mint leaves White wine vinegar Extra virgin olive oil Salt and Pepper to taste Instructions Slice courgettes thinly Fry in olive oil until gold and slightly crispy Drain on kitchen paper Place in a bowl and sprinkle with freshly torn mint leaves and salt and pepper to taste Add a glass of white vinegar to the cooking pan and cook slowly over a low heat for 10 minutes Pour the liquid over the courgettes and let them marinate for a few hours Serve at room temperature Notes If possible, […]

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