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Cover: Quick Asian Recipes

Recipes with whipped cream

13Jun 12

Chocolate Mousse – Indulgent Pleasure

A mousse is a dessert that is perfect for any occasion. Even an uneventful day can be turned into an occasion by the rich and creamy texture of a chocolate mousse, – an indulgent pleasure indeed. Serve it to your guests after dinner and compliments will just come pouring in. Though chocolate mousse is the most common forms of mousse, other flavors like mango, white chocolate or strawberry are also equally delicious. Try these to get a more colorful dessert plate.

There are very few people who can resist the charm of chocolate and when it comes in the form of a sinfully smooth and creamy chocolate mousse, it just gets better. Very easy and quick to make, chocolate mousse is really a no fuss dessert. You can make it hours before dinner as it keeps well in the refrigerator. Enjoy its decadence as you take a bite off its chocolaty goodness.

Easy Chocolate Mousse

Serving Size – Serves Four
Estimated Preparation Time – 10 Minutes
Estimated Cooking Time – 20 Minutes


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