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Cover: Kitchen in the city

05Apr 14

Bread Crumbs spaghetti! Pasta Ammuddicata!


Translation by Alessandra Dubini – Marlborough College

Pasta ammuddicata, with the crumb. There are recipes that belong to the Mediterranean coast. Take the following ingredients: long pasta, anchovies (fresh or pickled), and breadcrumbs. Put them in the Google bar and you will discover what globalization means. As usual kitchen docet, globalization is born with ladles and pans, along with this recipe. Ammuddicata Mediterranean notes … but strongly urban recipe, because it is good and fast.

This recipe can reminds me very much of Shrove day, also known as Pancake day were Pancakes are associated with the day preceding Lent because they were a way to use up rich foods such as eggs, milk, and sugar. Likewise this is a recipe made to empty fridge, because even when there is nothing left I always having a jar of anchovies and breadcrumbs, believe me these two ingredients are essential, always.

In Calabria it is called the “pasta ammuddicata”, in Salento is the generous addition of fresh tomatoes, even in Basilicata it is quite commonly found, Sicily is the “pasta cu ancioi and ‘to muddica.” Its important to know that in Spain the anchovies are called “anchoas” and especially the Cantabrian are very good, some say the best in the world, because the sea in which they breed is cold and rich in nutrients. In Italy there are anchovies from the Gulf of Cetare (Campania) and those of Cefalu. The best are the spring, and are also less fattening.

But back to the recipe. If it is possible try to make your own anchovies lying in oil and make your own breadcrumbs since they are easy to prepare.

Although I had the Zarotti’s anchovies in oil, in the version Cetara grandicelle and more flavourful, and a half a pack of pasta Coconut calling from the pantry. (This is free advertising … let this be known)

What is missing? Extra virgin olive oil, garlic and chilli.

Then it’s really simple. While the water is boiling in a pan large enough to fit all the pasta, I warmed to low heat 5 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil and 2 cloves of garlic with hot pepper. After two minutes, I added at least 6 anchovies in oil well drained and waited line-up. Every now and then I used a wooden spoon to mix all the ingreadients to make sure that nothing would burn, the garlic gives a bitter taste if it burns.

As soon as the pasta is al dente, with the clamp (not the colander!) Move it to the pan, add a spoonfull of cooking water and wait for the sauce and pasta to blend.  With no hurry at all stir the pasta and the sauce together and if needed add more of the cooking water, rich in starch which makes it well tied. Finally the breadcrumbs.



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