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Cover: Kitchen in the city

10Apr 14

Pan con Tomate!


Before talking about Pan con tomate I have a question, do you know Cadaques? Its not the Portofino of Italy and it is not the Saint Tropez  of the Cote d’azur. Cadaques is Cadaques.

Just after the border of France in the Mediterranean sea hides a small white town surrounded rocky hills and far far away from the skyscrapers of Rosas. This beautiful white town is the heart and soul of artists and hippies, very indie. It’s a bit rustic looking, what now can be defined shappy-chic.

What is so special about this place? Well it’s a place where I can re-live the memories of the years in Barcelona with my Spanish friends. Every time I see them it seems like I never left them…

Cadaques, is a Catalan port, and everyday you find something new: una no white beaches, very understatement… The soul of Cataluña. An old town , winding streets and quite steep to walk on with alpargatas on your feet. Rocks and pebbles and white walls….

Sit down at the  bar Maritim, choose a spot imbetween the streets and the beach and order a “cortado” and sit back and absorb the life in the town.

In the morning we all meet in the chosen meeting point and we all go buy newspapers and some food for the picnic we would have had later that day on the boat.

And the pan con tomate? Its a small but delicious delicacy you must have when in Cadaques, a little temptation for the dinner table. In Cataluña it’s called “pa’ amb tomàquet”, I dont speak Catalan but some times i try my hardest to make the locals happy.

Its not a tapas, but a delicious bread. Its feels like all the good things are really easy to prepare. Just grate some  tomatoes, and slice some bread. The pour the sauce and add a bit of oil and salt and pepper. This year I tasted a pan con tomate which was different to the others…

Where is the trick? Firslty lets concentrate on the bread: Leavened bread. Then the bread has to be toasted in the oven. Only when it is warm, before you can serve it add some tomatoes and salt and pepper. Where did i try it?


Al Talla , You must go on one of your nights in Cadaques. A small kitchen and a beautiful view, delicious food and cheap prices. The chef is called _Vito Oliva- before working at  Riba Pitxot ha he worked at all’Espai Sucre, but alspo in Gaston Acurio.

For booking (0034 972 258 739)

Back to the recipe: Turn the oven at 180°.wash the tomatoes li and grate them taking away the sauce and putting it in a bowl. I will then add salt, pepper and oil. Condisco con sale, pepe e olio extravergine di oliva.

Cut the bread and put it into the oven until it becomes crunchy.

In the moment of putting it on the table, put the a lot of tomato on the bread and add anchovies and ham

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