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Cover: Kitchen in the city

10Apr 14

Crisps with carbonara sauce



Translation by Alessandra Dubini – Marlborough College

He challenged me and as my son always says “challenge accepted”. This man has the power to confuse me, when he talks to me I forget who I am and what my name is. I’m talking about Carlo, Carlo Cracco.

It all started in his kitchen: a lesson just the two of us surrounded by his army of men that were preparing all the necessary food that was needed for that night. And in a few seconds it was as if I was back at school with the teacher asking me questions on topics I was clearly not prepared for! “what are these?”  “what these close to the lungs?” I panicked, I had no idea… “Sweetbread” Clearly I cant believe I blanked on something so simple. At home I dissect lamb so often. But now I know how he cooks it, and I saw him in his kingdom whilst he was teaching me a few things.  He mastered all the techniques one needs to thrive in a kitchen. So I’m not ashamed to say that just like a 15 year old is the biggest fan of  Channing Tatum, I am Carlo Cracco’s number 1 fan.

But back to the Crisp. I was a young child and the San Carlo crisps were the only thing that I was able to buy by my self. I would walk towards the supermarket with 70 lire and then run back with my crisps and enjoy a nice break from the stressful life of a 5 year old. I would give one coin of 100 lire and would get back three coins of 10 lire, so lets recap; I walk in with 100 lire and no crisps and leave with 3 coins and a bag of crisps WHAT A DEAL!.  Unfortunately one day the price of the crisps increased, and nobody thought it was important for me to know. Hence I spent the whole afternoon arguing with the cashier because I wanted by 3 coins back, I think they had to call my mother, but I cant remember for sure.

This is what I am proposing. A crunchy crisps sweetened by some creamy carbonara sauce.

Shall I explain? Two eggs, a handful of sweet bacon, balck pepper, and a teaspoon of butter. Warm the pan, add the bacon and I’ll leave if burn a little for a few minutes. I then take the bacon off and pour two eggs which I previously beat. Make sure it does not become an omelette, it should be soft and to do that you have to work with your wrist with a spatula, take the pan from the fire to control the temperature . Actually less it is on the flame, the easier it is for the egg to stay creamy. And don’t try to be cheeky by adding cream

Try them. A pinch of salt a bit of pepper but not too much. A spoonful of carbonara sauce on each crisp and a bit of diced bacon.

Done? Have I dared too much?


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