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Cover: Kitchen in the city

13Apr 14

Sardinian Fregula Pasta!


Translation by Alessandra Dubini – Marlborough College

The Sardinian Fregula is an excellent ingredient to have in ones kitchen because it can easily become an unique main course. It kind of reminds me of the Spanish Fideuà which is just like a paella and has very similar characteristic to the cous cous. It seems that on the coast of the Mediterranean there are many similarities within the primary products used. The sea and lands produce the same products like fish and vegetables. Normally you cook it with clams but I had some squid leftovers and some fish broth and some good cherry tomatoes.

Cooking tips: The fregula is a kind of pasta that a long time ago women used to prepare from scratch by mixing semolina, water and egg in a round container using their hands.

They would work the dough until they got small little balls.

So here is the recipe:  Whilst 1l of fish broth is boiling, I warmed up in a casserole 4 teaspoons of oil with 10 cherry tomatoes washed and cut up into quarters with a clove of garlic. The garlic does not have to fry, but give up all it’s flavour, since if it burns it becomes bitter. So I left it warm up before adding 250g of Sardinian Fregula. I toasted it until it became crunchy just like you do with rice. Before starting to add a ladle of warm fish broth. The flame has to be quite high. The Fregula absorbs the broth because it wants to rehydrate so its better to keep an eye on it. After 5 minutes add 300g of squid, sliced length with the tufts. More or less it takes 15 minutes. When it is completely cooked but stil ‘al dente’ I turned out the flame and added salt and pepper and a bit of lemon.

You can decide if you want it soupy or not. Of course I would have loved to teach you how to make it yourself, but kitcheninthecity is a website for typical kitchen cooking, so I bought it like you will as well.

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