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Cover: Kitchen in the city

23Apr 14

Marseille baked potatoes


Translation by Alessandra Dubini – marlborough College

There are some recipes in the kitchen that enhance ingredients and get the best flavours to come out. This is one ofthose recipes. Don’t let the title fool you, I don’t really know how Marsigliesi these potatoes are

A few words on Fra, she is my cousin, well technically not really but we both married two cousins, which was enough to make us what we are today, like cousins! The Dubini family is made only by men, so as you would have imagined they were thrilled to have two women join the family . The head of the family was mostly glad, and I remember him with much love, Lele class of 1908.

Fra is creative, really indie jewellery, funky stones and no diamonds, she lets her creativity loose which is amazing! Recently she has been trying to get back the tradition of the Masai Women. Look here to find more about it!

The recipes of Fra (Francesca torri) are amazing and I love them, this is because they are simple but full of life and emotion just like a diary.

First off, turn the oven at 200°. Then you chose the potatoes, remember not to pick big ones, wash them under the tap water and dry them.

I put some thick salt on a pan, cut into half the potatoes on the longer side and then lie them on the salt with the pulp looking upwards! Nothing more! In the oven they go!!

They will be ready when a kind of ‘tummy’ forms on them. As per usual the cooking time are approximate, but you have to put them in the oven for at least 35 minutes. In the meanwhile take time to do everything you need to do when you get back at home after a long day! Relax..


They are delicious when they are warm, with the salt to enhance their natural flavour they taste amazing! Add some chive, Fraiche cream  and sour cream.


Cooking notes 1: Leave the potatoes as a whole so that they become perfect to transform them into Gnocchi

Cooking notes 2: By saying Fraiche cream it is not exact. In France they call it cream that has to whipped, but in this case I am referring to the “epaissè” cream. Therefore cream with lactic ferments that give a bit of a sour taste.


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