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Cover: Kitchen in the city

24Apr 14

Salmon and fennel!


This is an excellent recipe, an A+ recipe!!. Its delicious and obviously as I always say, it’s super easy !  Its easy and great,  it does not get the kitchen too messy, and you can cook it both for 2 or 50 people.

Turn on the oven at 220°. To prepare salmon I will now explain: With the tips of my fingers I touch it on the surface to make sure that there are no scales in them. And in case there are some, just make sure to take them away with some clips. Slice the fennel very very thin, it would be perfect with a slicer…

Cooking notes: One very important thing is to have the slicer.  Its fine even if it is a very small one, but don’t get one made of plastic. Do use it for the fennel not for the salmon, if you want do use it also for the fruit you may want to add with it.

And then I prepare the paper foil wrapping.  with the  paper since it is easier  and better to see than some cooking wire. You can wrap the salmon as a whole or singularly, the only important thing is that they are closed really well.

I place the salmon on a cooking paper  and season it with some pepper and salt and a teaspoon  of olive oil and to end it add some white wine. On top put some fennel. Close the wrapping and put it in the oven for 15 minutes

Cooking notes 2:  The way to cook in paper foil is extremely important for all the plates that you want a saucy final outcome and not a dry one. Its like trapping the seasoning and the flavours within the salon.  The salmon is cooking in a micro oven so that nothing can escape.

When I take it out of the oven leave it for 5 minutes before you serve it to the dinner table




  • 4 pieces of salmon 1 fennel Dell Olive oil Salt pepper
  1. Turn on the oven at 220°
  2. Check for scales on the salmon
  3. Slice the fennel very thinly
  4. Lay one of the pieces of salmon on some wrapping paper.
  5. Add some flavour with salt and pepper a bit of oil and some white wine
  6. Put a layer of fennel on top
  7. Close the foil wrapping
  8. Cook for 20 min

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