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Cover: Quick Asian Recipes

Recipes with recipe

13Jun 12

Chocolate Mousse – Indulgent Pleasure

A mousse is a dessert that is perfect for any occasion. Even an uneventful day can be turned into an occasion by the rich and creamy texture of a chocolate mousse, – an indulgent pleasure indeed. Serve it to your guests after dinner and compliments will just come pouring in. Though chocolate mousse is the most common forms of mousse, other flavors like mango, white chocolate or strawberry are also equally delicious. Try these to get a more colorful dessert plate.

There are very few people who can resist the charm of chocolate and when it comes in the form of a sinfully smooth and creamy chocolate mousse, it just gets better. Very easy and quick to make, chocolate mousse is really a no fuss dessert. You can make it hours before dinner as it keeps well in the refrigerator. Enjoy its decadence as you take a bite off its chocolaty goodness.

Easy Chocolate Mousse

Serving Size – Serves Four
Estimated Preparation Time – 10 Minutes
Estimated Cooking Time – 20 Minutes


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12Jun 12

Khichdi – Quick Indian Lentil Rice

In my previous post on Rice Pudding I highlighted a few facts from Asia about rice like an average Asian eats about 150 kilos of rice annually compared to an average European who consumes just 5 kilos. Check the post to read more such interesting facts. No matter what the facts say, it is true that Rice is a versatile ingredient. You will find it in every cuisine of the world and while the name changes from Pulao to Pilaaf to Fried Rice, everyone enjoys eating it.

More about Rice

A lot of people are very conscious when it comes to eating rice, may be due to its carbohydrate content. However, nothing is harmful when consumed in the right quantities. In fact, there are quite a few nutritional benefits of rice as well

  • Rice is easy to digest. It is low in cholesterol, low in fat and high in starch.
  • It is a rich source of energy, as it comprises of 77.5% of carbohydrate (33% of our daily food intake must be carbohydrates).
  • Good energy source.
  • A good source of vitamins and minerals such as thiamine, niacin, iron, riboflavin, vitamin D, calcium, potassium and fiber.
  • Low sugar and no gluten.
  • Contains resistant starch.
  • Non-allergenic.
  • Rice is a low-sodium food for those with hypertension.
  • It is a fair source of protein containing all eight amino acids.

For the more calorie conscious, Basmati rice, brown rice and parboiled rice are a good substitute for the regular white rice. One should also wash thoroughly before cooking it. In fact, wash it 2-3 times. And hey wash the rice, don’t do what the blondie did on Wednesday

Blondie Diary – Entry on Wednesday

A great day for rice. The recipe said wash thoroughly before steaming the rice. It seemed sort of silly, but I took a shower. I can’t say it improved the rice any.

Ahem! Jokes apart, most rice recipes can be made in a matter of a few minutes. Khichdi (rice with lentils) is one such dish that can be prepared in just about 15-20 minutes. It can be prepared with a variety of Lentils like Mung Dal(golden gram), Toor Dal (pigeon peas), Masoor Dal (Orange/Red Lentil), etc.

Khichdi – Quick Indian Rice with Lentils

Khichdi - Rice With Lentil - Indian

Serving Size – Serves Two
Estimated Preparation Time – 5 minutes
Estimated Cooking Time – 15 minutes

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