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Cover: Kitchen in the city

05Apr 14



Translation by Alessandra Dubini – Marlborough College

Here’s my ideal kitchen urban fresella + cherry tomatoes, olives and olive oil with thyme and basil.

It’s not even a recipe; it is a mere exercise in fantasy. Corn and tomato are the essence of the kitchens that overlook the Mediterranean panzanella, pappa al pomodoro, couscous, gazpacho, pan con tomate … are the two ingredients that I would take on a desert island.

I always wondered how my husband would have survived if he had lived before 1492, when tomatoes were not available in Italy!  No spaghetti with tomatoes sauce and no pizza, a real nightmare!! At the time it must have been like going from black and white television to colour one. Everyone who belongs to the class 60s’ like me will understand what it felt like looking at programs like”Scacciapensieri” on Swiss TV a my friends house.

But back to the freselle …

Notes of cuisine: the fresella is nothing more than a bun cut in half and put in the oven to give it a bit of crunchiness. Hard and rough, less fat fresh bread, it should be softened with water before being seasoned to taste. Once softened you can crumble (if you do not have to throw the Tuscan bread) and use for the panzanella.

But here’s the recipe: I soaked for 5 minutes in a bowl with cold water freselle about a head, depending on hunger.

Meanwhile, I diced the tomatoes (about 400g) ribbed, nice crisp-skinned and have them topped with a sliced ​​onion, the olives, salt, pepper and 4 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil which had s 5 basil leaves and a few sprigs of thyme.

It ‘important to choose ripe tomatoes and not watery ones and if you prepare the sauce with a little’ ahead is even better, because the flavours blend and smells grow. But if you do not have time…. does not matter!! Because one of the rules of my urban kitchen is not to give up the whole recipe if you miss just one element (in this case time).

Put the sauce on fresella, even a sprinkling of pepper, a few leaves of basil and thyme. Total of 15 minutes for a simple and tasty dish.

Obviously, the variations are endless: the fresella is an excellent neutral base …



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